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Imagine a safe website where kids can build worlds and write code
with their friends.

That's Bluprint.
Build endless 3D worlds. Kids' worlds can be anything they want them to be. Medieval crafting adventures. Adorable petting zoos. Intergalactic scavenger hunts. Places to just play and make crazy stuff with pals. Worlds can be simple places to hang out, or they can use code to be complex games. Use code to add magic. Everything is programmable. Every world, every car, every panda, every princess is an object with an underlying code file which controls how it behaves. The built-in coding engine is always only one click away. We'll have lots of examples, videos, and documentation to show them how. Build and code with friends. Kids can create amazing experiences with their friends. Building is collaborative, but so is code editing. Kids can write and edit code together in real time. They see each other as avatars, but they can also use our built-in video chat to see and hear each other live.
Bluprint is 100% web-based.

There's nothing to download and nothing to install. Kids can play on any web-connected device. At launch, Bluprint will work on recent Chromebooks and other laptops and desktops. Mobile devices likes iPads will follow later this year.

Choose a world—any world. Bluprint kids can create as many worlds as they like. They can play alone, or invite friends, or play in their friends' worlds. Parents can create special “grownup” accounts to create with their kids and keep an eye on what's happening. See your avatar as you play. In Third-Person mode, you can see yourself as an avatar. The camera automatically follows you as you move around with the arrow or WASD keys. Your mouse controls a visible cursor that you can use to select elements on the screen. Build in first-person mode. First-Person mode will be familiar to anyone who's played Minecraft. There are crosshairs in the center of the screen; you “aim” at anything you want to interact with. This includes blocks (for building) and objects (creatures, vehicles, etc) that you might like to break, build, eat, ride, edit, or otherwise influence. Right and left-click to build. Kids create and modify their environment by adding and breaking blocks which represent different materials. This system is already familiar to hundreds of millions of kids. Less time spent learning how to model means more time for learning how to code : ) Build and edit objects, too! Unlike Minecraft, kids can also use blocks to create and edit things like vehicles, animals, characters, furniture, and absolutely anything else. In this “Pixie” mode, objects get bigger and the blocks get smaller and represent colors instead of materials. Find cool stuff in the Vault. Need to add something to your world? Organized by category, searchable, and ever-expanding, the Vault contains hundreds of animals, vehicles, characters, furniture, food items, tools, and anything else you're looking for. Use the + button to create your own objects from scratch!
Coding in Bluprint
How will coding work in Bluprint?

For years, we've been developing a custom Javascript API for beginners. Bitsbox, our first product, uses it to let kids (millions so far) make their own 2D apps. For Bluprint, we've extended it into 3D, added dozens of new methods, and added a file management system to make complicated projects possible.

How is coding in Bluprint different from coding in Bitsbox?

In Bitsbox, kids type in all or most of the code to create their apps. For Bluprint, we're trying something a little different. Most objects will have pre-typed code with lots of comments that describe what the code does. We'll encourage kids to edit or add to the code to change objects' behavior. This should allow for more compelling action with less typing.

Do kids still code apps in Bluprint?

Instead of coding apps, kids will learn how to use code to bring creatures, characters, and items to life. They'll code enchanted treasure chests and flying boats and talking unicorns. They'll use code to change their worlds' weather, or physics, or overall appearance. They'll even use code to create portals to their friends' Bluprint worlds.

Will Bluprint coding projects be printed?

We're planning to experiment with a combination of printed materials and digital lessons. People love the colorful quality of Bitsbox cards and books, but online tutorials and YouTube videos might allow us to reach more kinds of kids. We'll do whatever works best.